”If we walk in the light as He is the light,
we have fellowship with one another. ”
1 John 1:7

A Brief History of Holy Scripture Lutheran Church

Holy Scripture Lutheran Church was organized in January of 1969 by a group of Christians wanting to remain faithful to the Word of God.


Rev. Marvin Martin

The church was served faithfully by the Rev. Marvin Martin and joined the Evangelical Lutheran Synod in June of 1979.  The Lord called Pastor Martin home to heaven in September of that year and the Rev. Paul Schneider of Shawano, Wisconsin, was called and installed as pastor in February of 1980.  He continues to serve as pastor.

The congregation experienced the “1986 Midland flood,” with one inch of water throughout the church building and 6 ½ feet of backup sewage in the parsonage basement.  All the damage was quickly restored by members and donations.

In 2015 a new roof was added.

In 2017 the basement boiler room of the church was again flooded because the electrical transformer failed and thus the sump pumps failed. In preparation for any future flooding, Consumer Power replaced the transformers with new electrical lines.  A backup Generator was also installed with five sump pumps.

Holy Scripture celebrated her 50th Anniversary during the year 2019.  The entire building was in pristine condition. 

Ariel shot of the church and parsonage during the flood.

The congregation was prepared for everything until the heavy rains and two dam failures May 19-20, 2020) that caused terrible flooding.  The area dam failed, bringing floodwaters that completely destroyed the entire church building and parsonage basement and main floor, at a cost of over a million dollars.


Restoration continues and everything essential to carry on the ministry will be completed.  The church building and contents may have been destroyed but the true church of believers has remained, not destroyed but strengthened in the resolve to maintain the Public Ministry of the Gospel, proclaiming Jesus Christ as the Savior Who lived, died, and rose again for the salvation of every soul.

“Let the Waters Rise” Holy Scripture grounded in God’s Word even in the face of adversity!

Let the Waters Rise from WELS on Vimeo.

A 2020  Forward in Christ article about Holy Scripture’s volunteers in the aftermath of the flood, “Demonstrating Christ’s Love.”.

To God alone be all the glory!